History of Insight

This year we celebrate our 25th year anniversary. What is extremely recognizable is how very different the lighting business and the industry is today; not just in the last 25 years but in particularly the last 7 years. Many lighting companies of the last 7 years struggled to make the transition to electronic based products and Insight was not alone in that challenge. Today, we are a 100% electronic based manufacturer who is proud to say “Made in America”.

Architecture in lighting has always been a differentiator for Insight. However, in the new world of LEDs the companies that seek innovation, aesthetics and performance are in the minority. We are proud to continue to provide architectural performance lighting products while not succumbing to the generics of the electronic world.

In 1991, Insight was a company of 10 employees. By 1994, we had 5 product families and employed 20 people. In 2010, Insight introduced its first LED products (TREO Linear); employed 130 people and produced 30 legacy product families. Few of those products as well as the employees of 2010 met the needs of an LED based manufacturer of 2016. We have been fortunate to retain capable people and employ new ones with the right knowledge and experience. Fortunately for Insight, it has never been about the people, but about the right people!

I am personally proud of what our team has accomplished and expect that as long as we retain the basic tenets of integrity, high performance, architectural aesthetics and cost consciousness there is no reason why Insight will not continue far into the future.

Quality Mission Statement

Insight Lighting, since its creation in 1991, has and will continue to make exceptional customer service and total customer satisfaction our highest priorities. We are committed to delivering Products and Services that exceed Customer expectations in performance, schedule and value. This has and will continue to be accomplished through understanding our customer\'s needs and through providing “proven design” products. We will strive to provide accurate and complete documentation and seek ways to improve systems of production to generate both quality and productivity improvements, along with continuing to develop and train a motivated workforce with full accountability and responsibility. Insight Lighting, from its first day of production until now, recognizes that Customers, Employees and Suppliers have been and will always be essential to our business success and shall always be treated with respect and integrity.

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