Adobe – ADB

Adobe - An Architectural Direct or  Direct/Indirect Light Source for Modern Spaces


We are very excited to introduce the latest addition to the Pilot family of cove lighting products.  Available in 12” and 48” modules, PAC features plug and play connections for run lengths up to 100’.  PAC does not have a traditional power supply but rather has the 24V conversion on the circuit boards with Triac dimming.  

Medley InGrade – MIG
White Light

Introducing the Medley InGrade High performance accent lighting designed expressly for in-ground mounting. The architectural appeal is obvious. Lighting the façade of the building without having to see the actual light fixture makes for the most appealing building elevation. The task of installing surface mounted luminaires in landscaping or surface mounting to the building presents photometric and aesthetic challenges. Competitive manufacturers of linear ingrade mounted fixtures are often limited in performance and choice of LED platforms.

17-Spot – 17SP
White Light/Static Colors

Pro-Spot blends the latest LED and optical advancements into a family of elegant round lighting instruments. Pro-Spot not only delivers the industry leading photometric performance with over 1.6 million center beam candlepower in a 4 degree beam. Built for the rugged exterior environment, Pro-Spot features IP66 and 3G vibration ratings, making it the perfect choice for bridges, monuments, stadiums or any multi story corporate structures. Pro-Spot features a full assortment of simple mounting and shielding options, allowing for simple and seamless integration into any style of architecture.

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