5-Spot - 5SP

Features & Benefits

  • Measures just 5" in diameter
  • 15W
  • RGB or RGBW
  • Kelvin Tunable 27K-65K
  • Optics: 10°, 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 100°
  • IP66


Available in 15W of White light, RGB or RGBW and in optical beam distributions from 7°, 15°, 30°, 45° to 100°, the 5-SPOT is the perfect product for lighting architectural niches, for illumination of columns or even lighting up the landscaping. At only 5" in diameter, the 5-SPOT is one of the smallest architectural floodlights on the market and with a peak candlepower of over 42,000 candela, it packs a luminous punch. Additionally, 5-SPOT is designed with many field installable enhancements, such as the luminous ring, snoot, visor, wire guard or the popular optics kit, allowing beam distributions to be selected and installed in the field. Insight’s 5-SPOT is the new lighting designers choice for high-performance lighting in today’s difficult outdoor environments.

Available Optics:

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5-Spot – 5SP

Color Temperature or Color
Light Direction
Fixture Length
Voltage Wiring
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