Medley A - MA

Features & Benefits

  • Interior architectural linear lighting
  • Integral power supply
  • RGB Tri-Chromatic Chip
  • Discrete Chips: RGBWd, RGBWWAd, RGBAd, and RGBLd
  • Quad Chromatic Chips: RGBWq, RGBAq, and RGBLq
  • Active White Discrete Chip: kelvin tunable from 27K - 65K
  • Architectural mountings with concealed wiring
  • Up to 4' fixture lengths
  • Plug and play connection


Medley A combines the very latest LED technology and superior optics into a family of simple and elegant architectural housings. The MEDLEY A offering affords multiple choices of mountings, output and optics in color changing or tunable to complement any type of lighting plan. Designed for today's energy-efficient environments, Medley A has enough design elements to compliment any interior.

Available Optics:

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Medley A – MA

Color Temperature or Color
Light Direction
Fixture Length
Voltage Wiring
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