Medley X - MX

Features & Benefits

  • MEDLEY X is a high performance exterior facade luminaire
  • Available in 12", 24", 36", 48" and continuous runs
  • Available in white light (27K, 30K, 35K, 40K) and static color (red, green, blue, amber)
  • Optics include 7 °, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 100°, Asymmetric
  • Features a plug and play electronic platform that is completely upgradeable or replaceable


Illuminating the building architecture is one of the most popular ways to add value to a corporate headquarters. Whether you are grazing a facade, lighting a sign or relighting a historical accent, linear LED products can have an enormous impact on the exterior presence of a building. Medley X; part of the popular Medley family of linear solutions, Medley X is a remotely powered architectural fixture designed for elegant exterior illumination. Medley-X has a unique architectural styling with a visor shielding built in to the fixture design. Medley X is designed to give your building the look it deserves.

Available Colors:

  • 2700K

  • 3000K

  • 3500K

  • 4000K

  • Red

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Amber

Available Optics:

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Medley X – MX

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