Pharos LPC

Features & Benefits

  • Fully integrated and remotely managed control solution
  • Triggering and show control via Ethernet, RS232/RS485, DMX, MIDI and digital/analog inputs
  • Pixel accurate timeline programming and pixel-mapped media support
  • Realtime playback engine ideally suited to interactive control
  • Integrated realtime and astronomical clock functionality with daylight saving support
  • Integrated web interface for remote management, custom pages supported
  • Solid state, instant-on, fit & forget solution


Lighting Playback Controllers

The Pharos Lighting Playback Controllers (LPC) are timeline-based, with a particular timeline having control data for one, some or all the lighting fixtures being controlled. Multiple timelines are supported and so a single unit can control multiple distinct zones, or more complex presentations can be programmed with external triggers coming from multiple systems.

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Pharos LPC