Pharos TPC

Features & Benefits

  • One universe, reliable, fully integrated and remotely managed control solution
  •  Touch screen with customisable user interface
  • Create multiple pages of controls, with option to inhibit controls for special events
  •  Triggering and show control via touch screen, IR, Ethernet, realtime and astronomical clocks
  •  Ambient light sensor for daylight harvesting functionality
  • Solid state, instant-on, fit & forget solution


The Pharos Touch Panel Controller (TPC) is a lighting controller with a customisable touch screen interface. It incorporates the same advanced playback and show control engine as the Pharos Lighting Playback Controllers (LPC).

Timeline-based programming and show control are configured in the Pharos Designer software and multi-page user interfaces are created in the companion Pharos Interface Editor application. Designer uploads the complete project to the TPC.

The TPC provides one universe (512 channels) of lighting control over multiple eDMX protocols. It can run stand-alone, with lighting programming triggered by user interaction with the touch screen and by its internal real-time and astronomical clocks, or it can be used as part of a larger Pharos control system, incorporating additional TPCs, LPCs, AVCs and Remote Devices. When used in tandem with a Pharos LPC 1, the TPC can use the second DMX output of the LPC 1 to output local DMX.


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Pharos TPC