Space - SPC

Features & Benefits

  • Distribution: Direct or direct+indirect
  • RGBW & Active White
  • 12W per foot output
  • Linear and square suspended configurations
  • Powered suspension cables


A re-imagination of the traditional linear fixture. Space creates a unique balance between light, dark and the open air. Highly functional yet incredibly minimal, Space’s modularity, performance and dramatic visual experience allow it to be an efficient general lighting tool. This patent pending luminaire is available in linear runs and custom shapes that will transform any space.

  • Revolutionary fixture aesthetic that employs reflected light, refracted light and open space in the fixture design.
  • A building block hub design to allow for continuous runs or modular lighting forms.
  • Indirect batwing lighting distribution for optimal spacing of runs.
  • Active white and RGBW options for circadian lighting stimulation or corporate branding applications.
  • Powered aircraft cable supports to allow for cleaner installations.
  • Remote power supplies to allow for minimal fixture housings.

Available Optics:

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Space – SPC

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