Dreamstyle Arena at UNM

Project Details

The Challenge:  A very high profile, existing NCAA basketball arena was undergoing a lighting upgrade where each of the custom fritted glass windows needed to be evenly illuminated. Each window had to have the ability to have separate DMX addressing and the architecture called for custom length fixtures to match the inside opening of the glazing. The light needed to graze the 10' windows with no more than 4" offset from the window. The client also requested that the fixtures be all plug and play but didn’t want to see the cable connections in and out of each fixture. The lighting designer/artist was providing a completely interactive light show that can interpret the crowd noise and respond with a light show that reflects the activity inside.
The Solution:  Insight's Medley MA Series with integral power was chosen to span the length of the existing mullions. To eliminate individual RGB pixelation, Insight's tri-chromatic RGB platform with a 12° X 60° distribution was chosen. Custom mounting arms were developed to mount the fixtures flush to the window mullions as seen in the images on the right. All cable connections were concealed within the fixture for safety purposes while adding to the design aesthetic.
Artist: Ivan Toth Depeña “Insight helped me realize a critical detail by manufacturing a custom LED fixture housing to integrate seamlessly into the architecture. The end result was a clean and highly streamlined installation.”
·         Location:  Albuquerque, NM
·         Lighting Designer:  Ivan Toth Depena
·         Architect:  Molzen Corbin
·         Photography:  Dave Nufer Photo

Product Details

Medley A Series
  • 9W/ft
  • RGB
  • 12°X60° Optics
  • Various Fixture Lengths

Products Used