St James Cathedral

Project Details

The Challenge: There were many challenges to making the 100-year-old-cathedral in Seattle a Place of Light, but the most important was how to illuminate the two prominent, Spanish-Romanesque towers, from top to bottom, in a single beam that accented the architecture and made the building seem to glow from within. Further, this beam of light had to come forth from an elegant and beautiful housing that would add, not detract from the towers during the day.

The Solution: The solution was to use the Masque IV, 7° luminaire. This luminaire has a pure, vibrant, and powerful beam that easily ascends the 170 ft tower, and it has an elegant housing that adds a tasteful accent to the towers during the day.

Lighting Designer: Linet Henry "The Masque luminaire and Insight's focus on the details of installation fulfilled an important part of my vision by providing a beautiful, and beautifully made, housing that emits a stellar and magnificent beam of light."

  • Location:  Seattle, WA
  • Lighting Designer:  Linet Henry of Eluned Lighting
  • Photography:  Tom Reese

Product Details

  • Masque IV Series
  • 135W
  • 4000K
  • 7° Optics

Products Used